WingKam Bronze Foundry(shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd. is a product R&D base for the Shenzhen Wing Kam Casting Technology Co.,Ltd. The company's main business belongs to the high-tech field supported by the state, the company has a leading R&D and design team in this field. It has strong technical research and development strength, rich project management implementation experience and technical service experience. The R&D products have their own core technology and independent intellectual property rights; The company has established a technology department with an independent R&D center and supporting system testing room for product development. A total of 23 scientific and technical personnel, accounting for 32% of the total number of employees, are professionals with rich industry experience. The reasonable talent structure of the team has laid a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development. Continuous development and research of new products and optimization of production technology; After unremitting efforts of scientific researchers, on July 25, 2017, the Hebei Province Science and Technology Department issued the "Hebei Province Science and Technology SME Certificate" to us; On December 30, 2017 , Obtained "Hebei Province Industrial Enterprise R&D Institution Certificate" issued by Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and Shijiazhuang Industry and Information Bureau. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, a total of 16 R&D projects were initiated. The project participants successfully applied for 11 intellectual property rights (practical New type patent), and finally obtained the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" issued by the state on December 2, 2019, which was affirmed by the government department.

Now, the company is applying for an invention patent and plans to apply for national innovative enterprises and special new enterprises.


On May 14, the standing committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee held a meeting to discuss ways to improve the stability and competitiveness of industrial chains and supply chains.Six deployments were proposed .

1.Deepen supply-side structural reform, give full play to the advantages of China's ultra-large market and the potential of domestic demand, and build a new pattern of development in which domestic and international cycles reinforce each other

2.Carry out the project of tea base reconstruction and industrial chain upgrading, consolidate the advantages of traditional industries, strengthen the leading position of dominant industries, and promptly deploy strategic emerging industries and future industries to upgrade the industrial base and industrial chain modernization.

3.Give play to the advantages of the new nationwide system, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and technological breakthroughs, and strengthen the ability to guarantee key links, key fields and key products;  

4.Continue to focus on key industrial chains, leading enterprises and investment in major projects, break through blocking points, connect breakpoints and strengthen factor guarantee;    

5.We will speed up efforts to restore all types of shopping malls, markets and services to a normal level.

6.Strengthen international coordination and cooperation to jointly safeguard the security and stability of international industrial and supply chains.  

Our company is engaged in traditional manufacturing, sand casting and precision casting, as well as advanced manufacturing, CNC machine tool processing and high-end parts research and development.After years of development, it has established a stable supply chain with international buyers.This year's epidemic has seriously affected the normal order of international trade and the development of the world economy.The country's top leadership has seen the situation and shown great foresight, pointing out the direction for the development of Chinese enterprises under the covid-19 outbreak.                             



Wing Kam started develop a series of high temperature resistant alloy parts such as A20, SS310, this special stainless steel has a good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, which contains a high percentage of chromium and nickel, has a good creep strength, can continue to work at high temperature, has a good high temperature resistance. This kind of stainless steel is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medicine, shipbuilding, nuclear power, military, machinery, environmental protection, etc.

At the beginning of the special material development, to meet customer demand for high-performance stainless steel, we overcome alloy casting performance is poor, the product structure is complex, poor welding performance is difficult, after several months of efforts, we finally curing special alloy by investment casting and sand casting processes, got the customer’s approval and brought a series of new product development. In early April, the sand casting workshop successively developed DIN 1.4826 1.4837 1.4848 material products, and successfully to the customer delivery, results show that the more hard conditions,The more able to inspire fighting spirit, catalytic results.


On April 10, 2020, director Ms. Bu of the secretariat of commerce led a delegation from the secretariat to visit DongGuan WIngKam METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD to met the vice president Mr. Wang. In addition to in-depth understanding with vice president Mr. Wang on the production process, equipment capacity, the extent of the epidemic and the difficulties and opportunities faced by the enterprise, we also learned from our excellent vice president’s enterprise.
Photo for vice president Mr. Wang and director Ms. Bu

Company Profile
DongGuan WIngKam METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is a copper and aluminum parts forming and manufacturing enterprise integrating sand casting and machining. It provides customized products for domestic CNC equipment, robotics, aviation, medical treatment and water treatment industries. It has a product forming process technical level, especially in aluminum bronze and aluminum alloy casting technology.

Three axis and four axis machining center site

Vice president Mr. Wang is a very enthusiastic, loving and powerful entrepreneur. Since he joined the chamber of commerce, he has given a lot of support to the work of the chamber of commerce. In recent years, under the influence of the environment, he has also sent a lot of orders to our member enterprises, which makes our chamber of commerce feel very touched.

During the conversation with Director Ms. Bu, the secretary and her team also had a deeper understanding of Vice President Mr. Wang's company. Vice President Mr. Wang ’s business is running very well. After years of advantages in product quality and price, he has accumulated a very good reputation in the industry, and Vice President Mr. Wang also has his own ideas about operating the enterprise, which also makes the secretariat admire .

In the meantime, Vice President Mr. Wang also led Director Ms. Bu to visit the factory, and gave a detailed introduction to Director Ms. Bu on the production process, equipment capabilities, etc.


Vice president Mr. Wang leads the director Ms.Bu to visit the factory to introduce the production situation and process in detail

This time, director Ms. Bu led the secretary to visit vice president Mr.Wang's factory, not only to have a deeper understanding of the enterprise, but also to learn a lot. Although the basic environment and various external bad factors have affected our basic manufacturing industry in recent years,it is also because there are many excellent entrepreneurs who are insisting and are rising to the challenge, have the original heart of the manufacturing industry like Vice President Mr Wang of our association, so our country's future manufacturing industry is becoming more and more worthy of expectation, and this spirit is also worthy everyone learning. In the future, the secretariat department will also use the rich experience gained to serve member enterprises and look forward to witnessing the future of a strong chamber of commerce with you.

Secretariat of Shenzhen Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce


Fight against the epidemic, all community are in action. WING KAM contributed to the epidemic, hope the epidemic will end soon and the world to be a healthy and safe place.


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