Fight against the epidemic, all community are in action. WING KAM contributed to the epidemic, hope the epidemic will end soon and the world to be a healthy and safe place.



It’s a very special time in the past one week. The daily change of Corona Virus’ affection is suffering everybody in the world, also makes Wing Kam people to worry for our customers’ healthy. By today, there are more than 600,000.00 people in the world infected by virus. About 135,000 people got back to healthy. 28000 people died. Feb.20 2020 is a day that China and overseas’ countries are going to difference way. Corona virus is decreasing in China but growing in other counties. In the following days, USA, Italy, Spain, Iran, Germany, France are the main area with serious virus. This trend is bring the worry to everybody in the world. It’s also causing a big floating to world financial, economy and oil market. No body knows what would be the world in the near future.

We only are taking our sincerely heart to wish our overseas’ customers and friends to be safe and peace. Please take the methods to protect you and your family. Please tell us if you need any helps. We will try our best to help you.

Once again, all of us wish you and your family safe, health and peace.

Wing Kam’s President and all members.

March 28 2020.



Our company is deeply concerned about the recent illegal and violent assembly activities in the Hong Kong special administrative region, which have caused chaos in the airport, subway and social order.We hope all sectors of Hong Kong can resolve their differences through communication and dialogue, restore normal order and jointly create a bright future for Hong Kong.


On August 24, US President Donald Trump announced on twitter that he plans to raise tariffs to 30% on 250 billion US dollars of Chinese goods which already subject to 25% tariffs, and 15% on 300 billion us dollars of Chinese goods subject to 10% tariffs on September 1.The Chinese government is firmly opposed to this.Our company is deeply concerned about this and expects the two governments to restore normal international trade order through friendly consultation for the sake of enterprises.No one wins in a trade war.


〖TASS Beijing, March 9〗China’s vice minister commerce Wangshou wen said on March 9th, China and the United States are negotiating to reach an agreement which eliminating all additional custom tariffs each other.

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